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Posted on: August 9, 2016 3:00 pm

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Where we came from... 

When the cubicle hit the furnishings market in 1967, it forever changed the landscape of office settings and the way we work. At the time, it was considered the tool for improved office efficiency.

By the 1990s, the satirical comic strip Dilbert was regularly earning laughter and nods of agreement by poking fun at the impersonal “cubicle farm,” blaming the invention for helping stifle creativity and breed workplace dysfunction.

Today, many people see the cubicle as outdated as the fax machine. Instead, they tout the Google-inspired collaborative or open workspace as the best thing since PowerPoint.

Borders Plus Panels is a modular panel system that can be retrofitted to most Performance Classic workstations. An ideal solution for creating reception stations and partitions between colleagues. Economical, versatile and stylish.

Face to Face Conversation Releases Feel-Good Hormones... 

The movement toward communicating through technology stands in the way of our most basic biological necessities. Face-to-face interaction causes the release of oxytocin, also called the cuddle chemical, as it’s the same hormone released in women breastfeeding to bond with their babies.

While experts formerly viewed oxytocin as a female hormone, it’s now raising interest in the business community for its ability to facilitate trust. When people connect physically—through a handshake, a pat on the back or a high five—oxytocin is released, promoting feelings of attachment and trust, facilitating greater collaboration among team members.

These chemical reactions do not occur through email or even a Skype chat, but through real-life human-to-human contact.

What can Borders do for you?

Effective time management often requires a delicate balance between privacy and interaction with colleagues. Experience the functionality, affordability and sleek look of Acrylic and Visconti fabric panels from our Borders Plus Collection.

Choose between 36" panels for complete privacy, 24" panels for moderate privacy or 12" panels for interactive privacy; Borders has a style that will add flair to any office. All Borders Plus Panels are Greenguard Certified and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Call us for a showroom appointment today and let us help you provide your company with the needed privacy and ever more important person-to-person interaction!

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